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SSRS Plus+ (Beta)
Stand-alone Windows application that allows you to manage Microsoft Reporting Services instances. Currently supporting SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012 running in Native (currently) mode.

  • Manage (Add / Edit / Delete) Servers.
    • Dashboard on landing form
    • Top 10 heavy reports in Size
    • Subscription Vs Snapshot run details (Last 7 days)
    • Pie chart (Report size and Snapshot size on server) (Last 7 days)
    • Subscription execution details (Last 7 days)
    • Snapshot details (Last 7 days)
  • Server Objects
    • List server objects
    • Download multiple reports in one click
    • Object details
    • List subscriptions of any report
    • Rerun subscription
    • List snapshots for any report
    • Download snapshots
    • Delete Snapshots from server
    • Bulk Report Snapshot updates
  • Copy Objects
    • Copy reports from one server to another server
    • Set data source for copied reports
  • Generate Documentation - See Issue #3: Generate documentation throws generic error
    • Server details
    • Folder details
    • List access permissions
    • Data source details
    • Report details
    • Subscription details

  1. Performance of application is dependent on number of objects on server.
  2. You need add write permission to resource file to add/modify/delete servers. Resource file is available at installation folder in program file.

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