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To any and all users or followers of SSRS Plus, can I ask if anyone is able to provide a SharePoint Server for development purposes only in order to continue the development of this project and provide SharePoint support. Please contact me as soon as possible via email or the Request discussion thread

SSRS Plus+ (Alpha)
Stand-alone Windows application that allows you to manage Microsoft Reporting Services instances. Currently supports SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and Report Servers running in Native mode (Full SharePoint support coming soon).

Important Note: Most features with a line-through are still available on the default branch but not on my branch (jonathonogden).

  • Manage (Add / Edit / Delete) Servers.
    • Schedule management
    • Report Server properties
    • Dashboard on landing form - See Issue #7: Dashboard reports usefulness in question
    • Top 10 heavy reports in Size
    • Subscription Vs Snapshot run details (Last 7 days)
    • Pie chart (Report size and Snapshot size on server) (Last 7 days)
    • Subscription execution details (Last 7 days)
    • Snapshot details (Last 7 days)
  • Server Objects Form
    • List Server Objects (folders, data sources, datasets, reports, etc)
    • Download multiple Reports in one click
    • Server Object details and properties
    • Manage Subscriptions
    • Manage Snapshots
    • Download Snapshots
    • Preview Reports
  • Copy Objects Form
    • Copy Server Objects
    • Set Data Source for Copied Reports
  • Generate Documentation - See Issue #3: Generate documentation throws generic error
    • Server details
    • Folder details
    • List access permissions
    • Data source details
    • Report details
    • Subscription details

  1. You need add write permission to resource file to add/modify/delete servers. Resource file is available at installation folder in program file.
  2. Certain features require specific permissions. See Troubleshooting

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