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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about SSRS Plus. If you have encountered an issue while developing or using SSRS Plus then please refer to the Troubleshooting page. Also, please note that many of these questions apply to my branch (jonathonogden) of SSRS Plus+ rather than the default branch.


  • I want to help, what should/must I do?
    • First step is to apply to join the project and I will review your application.
    • Install a suitable SVN client (I have been using TortoiseHG on this particular project)
    • Clone either the default branch or jonathonogden branch (recommended), create a named (your username or full name) branch and commit all changes to YOUR branch.
    • After completing a task and testing your work, create a pull request which I will review and merge with my branch.
  • Is there any code documentation?
    • Yes, but it is not defined on the CodePlex wiki at present. The source code itself contains comments using the XML Documentation Comments. Please can you ensure that you document your code using XML Documentation Comments, or at the very least, document changes in your commit notes.
    • Tokens are also used such as TODO, BUG and NOTE; Some IDEs can track token lists so ensure you configure your IDE to track those tokens.

Server Management

  • What do I put in the Web Service Directory textbox?
    • For Native mode Report Servers this is the Web Service Virtual Directory name and can be found in the Reporting Services Configuration Manager under Web Service URL section. For more information, please see: Configure a URL (SSRS Configuration Manager)
    • For SharePoint mode Report Servers this is the SharePoint Site Name and can be found in SharePoint Central Administration under the Reporting services integration section. For more information, please see: How to: Configure Report Server Integration in SharePoint Central Administration
      • Note: You do not need to include _vti_bin in the Site Name, SSRS Plus will do that for you.

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